Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Update by Photos

In the backseat on the way home from a Bulls game. He was born a ladies man.

Jayden enjoying the Press Box at the Bulls Game with Daddy. Notice him drinking Sprite, orange juice, ice cream, and cookies....

My Man. My lil Man.

We are moving soon. Don't know where too yet... Hoping to get boxes cleared up before baby girl comes!

We are house hunting and looking to relocate... In all our spare time of course!

Jayden riding the Easter Train all by himself.

We're having a girl!

The weather has been amazing!!

Playing Pooh Sticks with Daddy.

Grandpa is home!! Jayden reeeally missed him!

Thankful for everyone's prayers and the fact that Grandpa is back... happy and healthy!!

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  1. lovely pictures :) But why is that balloon hiding baby girl? You know pregnancy pics are where its at :) You all look great, hope your Dad is well.