Tuesday, December 20, 2011

5 days til Christmas!!!

Wrapping presents this morning (for the 2nd time since J unwrapped them all the other day) finally makes it feel like Christmas! We've been so busy and sick around here lately that we're finally getting into the swing of the holidays.

J decorated his own tree this year. I found a bunch of toddler friendly ornaments for him to put on and take off. He loved it for a few days but the novelty wore off. He is more interested in the outlet where he can plug and unplug the light.

Soon we will be celebrating Christmas in all its Glory with some of our favorite people. Can't wait to see you all!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Meet My Daughter!

Daughter. She. Her. Girl. These words seem so unfamiliar for my vocabulary. I've always known I was going to have a daughter. Whether she was coming this time or 3 boys and an adoption later, I was going to get her! And here she is. I feel so lucky and SOOO blessed to have one of each. A boy and a girl. If there is one person in this world I love pretty much unconditionally its my brother. I am so excited for the relationship Jayden will get to have with his little sis. So so excited!
I'm also excited for Jesse. I cannot wait for him to meet her and be her prince charming. He has no idea what he's in for. He didn't grow up with sisters or around girly girls. Poor guy, he has so much to learn :) I have no doubt he will do great.
I'm excited for my parents. Everyone tells my dad he needs a granddaughter and he is so great with girls. And my mom, well need I mention all things girly and shopping?! Lucky. little. girl.
It will also be great for the Singer side of things. They are lacking in the female department. They need some sugar, spice, and all things nice in that house of boys.

One thing that surprised me with these ultrasounds is the difference between Jayden at 19 weeks and baby girl. Their faces are different and their hands and feet are different. Oh I just cant wait to see her face! Here is a sneak peek.... The ultrasound tech labeled this picture as a "Miracle Waiting to be Seen." This was literal as it was a 2 hour ultrasound because the little thing was sound asleep and not moving much. But she is a miracle.

Once again you can click on the photo to make it larger....

Ok here she is, and she is adorable right?? I am so amazed that something so small, so tiny, so young is so complex, so perfect.


I really do have so much to share but all this hustle and travel has left little J and I feeling pretty SICK and just plain wiped out! I think traveling every weekend for 2 months straight is too much to ask of a pregnant woman and her 1 year old. I'm done and I'm tired. Adding to all this has been my Pom business and craft show. I haven't gone to bed before 11:30 in 2 months. The night before the show, Jesse and I stayed up the whole night to finish inventory. And of course, now J and I are sick on the couch. Poor little man is ALSO teething in all 4 molars and is absolutely miserable. My nausea hasnt left entirely yet. I spent all day sunday in the bathroom. Oh and did I mention the pelvic displaysia that makes it hard to stand/walk?

Please say a prayer that J and I are better our next trip this weekend to Northern WI (aka. North Pole)
Also say a prayer that baby girl is looking perfect at our ultrasound this evening. I've been worried she isn't growing enough on my diet of cereal and yogurt. And lack of sleep, water, and prenatal vitamins that are nearly impossible to remember.

I feel the need to add that my husband has been AMAZING! He stays up at night with me to work on the biz and takes care of J when I need to run out for supplies. Also, thanks to my mom for being everything I haven't this past month (cleaning the house, making food, doing the laundry and treating J like the luckiest kid in the world) Also, thanks to my friends that have been offering to spend their free time with me to help out. It has been very sweet as I know you all have busy babes of your own!

Picking Grammy up at the train station. J loves the choo-choos... and spotting grammy from down the track.

PomPomDadda and little man supporting mommy! Aren't they adorable?

Monday, November 21, 2011

San Diego

My sweet boy loves to share. Elmo is lucky to to get his own paci.

* Some of these pictures have been uploaded smaller, you can click on them to make them larger.

Boy have we been busy! Since October we have not spent a relaxing weekend at home. Instead we've been blessed with lots of fun adventures.

We spent Halloween weekend in Michigan. Jon and Karly came home and it was so exciting to get another chance to see them. Jayden and Bitsy were tag team trouble... anywhere they went together, you wanted to be sure to follow! We also celebrated little Alivia's 1st Birthday. It feels like just yesterday Bianca and I found out we were pregnant. Now we have toddlers!

Leidig Family 2011

The next week was spent in Ohio for my cousin Danae's wedding. It was fun to see family and again, hang out with Jon and Karly. A HUGE thanks to my always amazing mom who choose to stay home with Jayden so Jesse and I could attend the wedding. Jayden was a trooper the whole weekend eventhough he was acting sick. Sure enough... double ear infection!

When Uncle Jon is around he is like a 3rd parent. Thanks for helping out!

Love my Hubs

My cousin Greg, and Bros Jesse and Jon.

Leidig Cousins

Two days after returning from Ohio we took a night flight to San Diego. Let me just say the flight would have NEVER been possible without my parents! Jayden was beyond hyper. He was crazy, wild, and overly stimulated. He loves to travel and gets on such a "people high" when we are with others. He loved watching the plane take off and jumped between our laps the whole flight. Thank you dear pilots for getting our flight in ahead of schedule!
We stayed at the beautiful Hyatt at Seaport Village. Although the weather wasnt as amazing as we had hoped, we had a great time. My mom and I ventured to San Diego zoo with the little man. If you havent been, its like the Disneyland of Zoos. It was so beautiful and J did a great job! Thanks Mom and Dad for making that week so much fun!

Welcome to San Diego Zoo!
We're going to the zoo! 1st cab ride in only a seat belt!! He was so big!

Air tram, Jayden crying to climb out as we were flying high in the sky. I dont think I've ever held on so tight!

He's a Momma's boy- Kisses!

Finally tuckered out!

King Jayden's daily breakfast while watching Sesame Street.

We took him to Happy Feet a 4d show. He loved it and watched the whole thing! He sure jumped when it spit water out at him though.

Gramps and Gram at Seaport village.

View from our hotel room.

Flight home... I dont know who was more tired.
1. A one year old who suffered a 2 hour time change and few naps
2. A grammy who chased after the one year old the whole week
3. A pregnant Momma who is growing a tiny human and was so exhausted from weeks of travel
4. Grandpa who was working at a conference and taking care of one year old in evenings

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Soon, very very soon, we find out the gender of baby #2! I am so so so excited! I can't help but think its a girl because absolutely everything is different about this pregnancy. If you're reading this you know me and know I'm dying for a girl. I love my relationship with my mom and I really want to have that with my own little girl too. Plus, Jesse isn't much fun to shop with so I end up going alone. BUT we have our boy name picked out and I love it! It would be so much easier to have another boy and well Jayden could use another boy in his life. (All my friends have girls!) So we will see. I am so anxious! I can't wait to see this little ones face!

Also very exciting news.... I felt the baby move the day I turned 16 weeks. We were flying home from California and there was a lot of turbulence. The baby must have been freaking out because I felt my first Baby Flip. It felt like something did a summersault in my abdomen. Its amazing how quickly you forget what that feels like. I love it.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

We're Pregnant!

We are so thrilled to be expecting a second time. What a sweet surprise it was to find out that warm sunny August morning. Getting pregnant in August wasn't the plan. But one morning during a run, I could smell every flower, every scent that I had not smelled for the 2 months I had been running on the same trail. And I knew. I just knew that I was pregnant. I remember being amazed at my sense of smell when I was pregnant with Jayden. I had just finished reading the 4th Twilight book and felt like Bella... suddenly smelling it all. Anyways, thats really how I knew.
The next morning I woke up and took a test I had left over from the first time.
wow. Jesse was brushing his teeth when I showed him. He just starred and kept brushing with a huge smile on his face. Jonathan was living with us and was sitting out on the couch eating breakfast. So we joined him and shared the news. There the 3 of us sat in amazement. What a sweet memory.
Being pregnant a second time is a different experience. Dare I say, even more exciting? I know what to expect now and I can't wait! I really can't. I adore, love, and enjoy being a mom so much. I am blessed.

This baby feels so different. With Jayden I wasn't nausous, this time I am. With Jayden I wanted meat and potatoes and NO desserts, this time I want ice-cream and cereal. Jayden carried low, this baby is so high. All a reminder that I'm not getting another Jayden. I'm getting a whole new little person. And I can't wait!

Since Jayden doesn't let me walk anywhere these days without holding him, just putting him down for this picture led to a complete meltdown. Notice the tears and arms reaching for Momma. I'm gonna save this picture and remind him some day... You wanted me all the time. You needed my hugs and kisses. I was your first love.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Mommy's Lil Monkey!

You don't get much cuter than Jayden running to the front door, monkey tail swishing, as he grabs candy handful by handful out of the bucket. I was amazed at how many people just left bowls of candy sitting at their front door. This was extra special for Jayden as he loved to pick out his own piece. His first choice was always the suckers.

Daddy absolutely had a blast. I was ready to head home. Then he explained he didn't get to trick or treat much as a kid. I felt really sad and let him spend the next hour yelling trick or treat with Jayden. Living a childhood through your child is fun too.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Busy Bee

I know I've been lacking but I have been SO BUSY! One reason is because I spend all day chasing after this!

Run Run as fast as you can, you can't catch me cause I'm Jayden!

And if I don't chase after him immediately, things like this happen...

Toys get put in the super stinky Diaper Champ!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Yummy Firsts

Its been awhile....

Yesterday Jayden enjoyed two new firsts. Eating corn on the cob and cotton candy. He beyond enjoyed them!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Yesterday we spent the day at the DuPage Children's Museum here in Naperville. I'm not sure who had more fun- Jayden or Jesse but it was a great time!
Looking at the fish

Dadda making a giant bubble!

Jayden's favorite thing was the water table! Daddy just liked building with the piping

Jayden in the wind tunnel. I didn't think he would like it but he ran right into it.

Jayden in the tunnels. His hand is to his head trying to "talk" on the phone because I am talking in the telephone tube.

Our handprints.

A little cautious at the beginning but running all over by the end.

Nap Time!

We've always said Jayden would've made a great lil brother because he loves to watch "big" kids and copy what they do. Here is a quick clip of him copying the boy next to him.

Happy Anniversary!

On June 23, Jesse and I celebrated 4 years of marriage.

june 23, 2011- us +1

It's hard for me to believe its only been four years.
june 23, 2007- our honeymoon

I feel like we've crammed a lot of memories into 4 years and I've loved every one of them.
june 23, 2008- anniversary vacation

Jesse is such a wonderful husband.
june 23,2010 - fondue dinner and 9 months preggo

We are so different and yet we compliment each other so well. He is the low key to my high maintenance, the slow down to my hurry, the let it be to my worry, the unwind to all my wind up, the soft kiss to my talk, talk, talk, he's the yes to whatever I need and the answer to all I could ask for in someone to love.

Not only is Jesse a great husband but he is a really awesome dad. I've definitely fallen in love with him more now that we are parents. And I feel so much closer to him now because we have the most fantastic bond... the love for our sweet little boy.
Happy Anniversary Jesse, I love you.