Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lincoln Park Zoo

I thought the best thing about Lincoln Park Zoo was going to be that it was free.  However, Jesse and I scored big with a day at the zoo where every animal we visited was active and within inches or feet from us!  Here are some of the animals we meet that day...

Only the glass window pane is separating Jesse from this sleeping black bear.

Giraffes are my favorite animals and I cannot get enough pictures of them!

So thoughtful...

This polar bear swam right to us with his nose on the glass.

As always, I stop for a cotton candy break.

Sleepy Kitty...

Aren't jaguars beautiful?!

The kangaroos were very active.

This one is for you mom....little meerkat!

Even the drinking fountains are cute!

Last but not least.... adorable little naked rats sound asleep in their rat nest....yuck!
(If had some poison I would have tossed a little in here)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Take Your Pick!

Ah yes, my pharmacy knows me well.  Unfortunately all these bottles will remain half full as none of them have helped a lick to make me feel better.  Jesse and i went to pick up my 2 newest prescriptions.   (the $50 prescriptions i might add)  And as i get in the car and open up the bottle i say to jesse, "hmm these pills look so familiar" 
 Jesse: "lets see if its something you've already taken when we get home"
Get home and sure enough!I had been on this prescription back in the spring and it did not go well.  I didnt realize it was the same one because my doctor told me a different name then the generic so i had no idea I was buying a medication i had already tried.  

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. VanLewueen

Jesse's best friend from college, Geoff, was married this past Saturday in Chicago.  Here are some pictures of their big day...

Nichole and I

My favorite wedding favor ever!  I reeeeally wanted these at my wedding.

Greg and Jesse

Geoff and Kristen