Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This School Year

This school year will be a different one for me. Instead of dozens of students who can talk, write, and run; I am giving my 100% to ONE lil student. He's definitely my favorite by far even though he requires much more time, patience and love. This year I get to "teach" my little Jayden. And i LOVE it! Being a stay at home mom will be very different but i am SO excited to help him learn so many things.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

One Month Photos

Jayden is 7 weeks old today! Last week my mom and I spent the whole day at the mall shopping with jayden and decided to stop by JCPenny on the way out and get some sweet pics. Here's a few of my favs.... Isnt he absolutely adorable?!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Finally the Birth Story

Thanks for being patient, and for reminding me I still need to post this. But if you do not want to hear the yucky details of birthing a baby then DON'T read this post!

Jayden’s Birth Story

July 8th, 2010

One thing I’ve learned about being a mom is you love a good birth story. I truly feel mine couldn’t have gone much better than it did. I am so thankful to Dr. Wright for wanting to induce me when she did and being there for us throughout the day. Now that the vividness of the pain is diminishing, I can say it was the most incredible day of my life. Here is the story of Jayden Thomas’s entrance into the world:

We arrived at the hospital at 7:15am. I climbed into bed and the iv, antibiotic, pitocin were started. I arrived 3.5 cm and 80% effaced. Dr. Wright came in at 9 to break my water. Unfortunately, she said that his head was pressing down hard and she couldn’t find any water bag to hook. So she stripped my membranes instead which did nothing but cause lots of pain and bleeding. I started to have back pain and decided sitting on the ball might help speed things up. I could see contractions coming regularly but wasn’t really feeling them. The nurse came in around noon and said that I hadn’t made any progress. Dr. Wright would be back to try to break my water again. In the meantime they put an internal monitor on the baby to better read my contractions.

At 1:51pm Dr. Wright was able to break my water and within 30 seconds I had my first strong contraction. It took only minutes for my contractions to escalate to full strength(250 mvp). I was having contractions in pairs, which they told me was a sign the baby was sunny side up. Sure enough they confirmed he was. They asked me to wait at least half an hour to get an epidural to help try to move him into the correct position. Within the first 30 minutes of breaking my water, I dilated 4 cm and was having paired contractions that came less than a minute apart. At this time I was starting to panic the pain was so bad. It wasn’t even the pain that was throwing me off but the fact that I couldn’t get a break between them. I felt like I couldn’t catch my breath and that got to me. I’m sure the pitocin I had been on for 6 hours had something to do with the instensity. I then chose to get the epidural at 8 cm. Dr. Short was the anesthesiologist name and I’m pretty sure I will never forget his face. When he walked in and saw me he said, “How is this one still smiling?” And I said, “it’s all because you are here!” The nurse proceeded to tell him I was “getting uncomfortable.” UNCOMFORTABLE?! What an understatement! I felt searing pain…two VERY different things. Epidurals are slightly painful themselves but it’s a short pain that brings sweet relief! Within minutes all the pain was gone and I laid back in bed to relax. Wow what a difference it made! I see no glory in going natural, only pure insanity!

Unfortunately my body and the baby didn’t handle the sudden onset of labor too well. My blood pressure dropped to 86/ 40 and his heart rate dropped too. I don’t really remember what happened at this time because I was pretty out of it. I do know they gave me oxygen and something in my iv to counteract whatever was happening. This eventually slowed down my labor too much and they had to turn the pitocin up again. But by 5pm I was feeling the urge to push. The nurse came in and checked me saying I was fully dilated. I couldn’t start pushing yet because the doctor was busy in another delivery.

Finally Dr. Wright arrived and I could push. I couldn’t believe how strong of an urge to push I had even though I had an epidural. The pressure is so strong it feels like an almost pain that isn’t relieved until you can push. I started to push and the doctor told me the good news was I was pushing really well and if the baby were in the right position it would’ve been born by now. The bad news, he was still sunny-side up and it would take SEVERAL HOURS! That really pissed me off because I was done and ready for this baby to be born! She left the room and I was determined to have him out in less than her predicted 3 hours. I was pushing so hard the nurse couldn’t hold my leg. This left Jesse to hold both legs for me while the nurse stood to the side and watched. About this time I started getting extremely nauseous. I had had bad heartburn all day and it was getting worse. With each set of pushes, I would vomit in my mouth. The nurse would tell me to hold it in. I would and then spit it out after I was done. It was SO gross! Finally it got so bad I couldn’t hold it in and she let me roll over and throw up until I was done. After that I could push so much better. When the doctor came in she went to talk to the nurse in the corner. They were whispering about something which I later found out was about how much I was bleeding. But I remember her looking over at Jesse holding my legs as I pushed and said “They’re doing great. They don’t need us over there.” I had told her I didn’t want an episiotomy and she wasn’t going to give me one. But the nurse suggested it and I agreed. He was born immediately afterwards! I had pushed for 1 hour.

I can’t really remember how I felt at that moment. I could feel him coming out and knew the minute he was born. I remember looking at the doctor and she immediately looked up at Jesse so I did too. He was teary-eyed and smiling. She laid the baby on my chest and all I remember saying was “Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh.” His eyes were wide open and he was looking at me. Jesse cut the cord and they carried him over to the warmer. My biggest memory of this moment was relief. I was so relieved it was over and so relieved that he was here. I didn’t hold him too much right away because I felt faint and couldn’t really see straight. But later that night I was able to stare into his sweet blue eyes and fall in love.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy One Month Jayden!

Dear Jayden,

Today is August 8th, 2010 and you are One Month Old! I feel like you have been a part of our lives forever. Everyone told us life would never be the same once you arrived. And they were right; it is so much better.

You change so much each day. You are healthy and happy and we love watching grow. In fact, I sit and stare at you all day long. I can’t take my eyes off of you. Your hair is turning blonder but you still have dark hair that runs down the center giving you a little mohawk. Your eyes are turning into a brighter blue. You have the sweetest eyes that love to stare back at me. I think its pretty safe to say I’m your favorite person right now. You look for me when someone else is holding you. Sometimes you cry because you just want me. I hope you always love me this much.

Just yesterday you started a growth spurt. At least this is what I attribute to you eating every hour on the hour. This made for a very sleepless night! Yet every time I saw your sweet face looking up at me from your bed my heart melted and I couldn’t wait to pick you up and cuddle you. Before yesterday you ate every 2 to 4 hours and about 2 to 3 oz. You have mastered breastfeeding and easily transition back and forth to a bottle. One of my favorite things is when you’re eating and you hold my finger in your hand. Your fingers are so tiny but they are growing fast. You still fit perfectly into your newborn clothes and diapers. I think I will cry the day you grow out of them.

Some of your favorite things are lullaby music, mirrors, and baths. You love a warm bath and love having your hair washed even more. You are so strong. Dad and I make over your little muscles every day. During tummy time you hold your head up to stare at your play mirror. You’ve recently started to coo a little. When Dad or I hear you, we stop in our tracks and make over you, trying to encourage you to “talk” a little more. In the mornings or after you eat you love to smile. Every time you smile my world stops and I want the moment to last forever. I love seeing you so happy. Sometimes I think you are starting to smile back at me but for now I love the sweet surprise of your sporadic smiles.

As much as I wish I could stop time in its tracks and keep you as a newborn, I am so excited for the life ahead of you. God has great things in store for you and I am so honored to share in them with you. Daddy and I love you so much. You should see him rush home and run to you after work. Just when I think I couldn’t love you anymore, I look at your little face and I do. I love you more. My heart grew by two little feet the day you were born. As you grow, my love grows too. Happy One Month Jayden. I love you.

Forever, Mommy

Friday, August 6, 2010


As you can see, we are all happy its FRIDAY!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

4 Weeks Today!

I can't believe its only been 4 weeks! I have spent the last 4 weeks trying to get a smiling picture. I finally got one this morning. I can't wait to get more of them!