Sunday, March 28, 2010

An honest update...

It's time to share with all of you the struggles we have been facing lately in hopes for your prayers and encouragement. Jesse was laid off work in February. Civil Engineering is not a booming field right now and left him with a lack of work. We had been in the process of looking at houses. He was laid off the weekend we planned to put a low offer in on a house we had fallen in love with. (Since then, the house has dropped in price to what we had hoped for making it even more frustrating that we cannot live in it.) It was hard to go from the idea of buying a house and settling down to no work and no security.
We are struggling to look for engineering jobs. There honestly is not much out there. Its especially hard since Jesse was recruited by V3 and had no trouble landing a job the first time.
We know this happened because God has other plans for us at this time. But we do appreciate your prayers for us. We want to know where God is leading us. And to what kind of work God has for jesse. We know a move is in sight. Most likely a BiG move. This is the most stressful detail for me as I am currently 6.5 months pregnant. I have 2 months of work left. My school ends on June 2nd and our apartment lease ends June 13th. The baby is not due until July 9th so that leaves us with a month gap with no where to live yet. We ask that you pray for these details to be figured out. We also ask that you pray for the perfect timing for all these events; baby's birth, moving, and jobs. I know I need to stay stress-free for the baby's sake. And I have done a pretty good job so far but it gets harder each day as i see my belly growing and his movements get stronger and I realize the only sure thing right now is that he is coming soon! As scary as that thought is, its also our saving grace... in just a few short months we will have a crying, smiling, SON! And I would give anything for that.

Maya loves Jesse's unemployed lifestyle.
Bird-watching is so much sweeter from someone's lap.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

24 Week Ultrasound

Good News!

I had a lot of swelling and really really bad headaches this past week. I called the doctor and she was really concerned and insisted I have a lower leg doppler and bed rest. I really wasn't that worried but am so glad I went in as it took away any worries of a possible blood clot. As a "congratulations you have no blood clots" the tech offered us a sneak peek at little J. I couldn't believe how big he had gotten!! From this ultrasound we were able to see:
1. He has huge hands
2. He has really really full lips
3. His profile is exactly like his daddy's!
4. He is really good at sucking

Monday, March 15, 2010

Our "Babymoon"

Turks and Caicos

San Juan, PR

St. Thomas

A Formal Night

JJ's first pina colada!

Half Moon Cay, Bahamas
Please excuse the glowing white belly!

Baby View: I can still see my feet...

JJ's First Flight

We were so blessed with the opportunity to take this trip. It was a very much needed break from all the stress we've been under. There was no talk of jobs, moving, or even the ever so stressful baby naming:) It was really relaxing and special to spend time with family. I am SO THANKFUL for the time we could spend cruising the caribbean.
My belly grew a LOT during this week. I could actually feel everything moving and stretching bigger. JJ likes to stay in the breech position but switches daily from the left to right side. He is definitely moving up as I have had more pain under my ribs. He is easy to feel and see moving around. I was glad my parents could get to feel him in there... he gave Grammy some good kicks! I love him just the way he is right now. Exciting and easy to care for....