Thursday, June 24, 2010

My baby has a birthday!

that is, unless he chooses a day sooner than the one chosen for him. On Tuesday I went to the doctor.(37 weeks) She said I was a good 3 (almost 4cm) and that she just felt that I was going to be having him very soon. She said I didn't even need to make an apt for next week because she didn't expect to see me. I immediately told her she would see me because we are moving this weekend and I would not let him arrive before that. Normally I would be overjoyed to hear that he will be arriving soon but i am under too much stress with the move to even think about having this baby before we get moved in. She asked if i would be okay if she "induced" me (by induction she means breaking my water. no meds.) Our concern is that my labor may be too short to get on the antibiotics i need for the Group Strep B. (And also that i may not get the epidural i want in time. well i'm really the only one with that concern.) She wouldve picked an earlier date but with the 4th of july her on call schedule was off and she wont be on call until the 8th. So as of right now, at 7am on Thursday July 8 we will be having this baby!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Anniversary

"Jesse, I love you, I adore you, and I need you. From this day forward I vow to give my heart, my body, and my life to you alone. I promise to take care of you in sickness and in health, to support you for better or worse, and to cherish you until Christ takes me home. From this moment on, I am yours."

I said these exact words 3 years ago today to Jesse Thomas Singer...

Has it only been 3 years? Jesse made the comment this morning "i never would have guessed when we got married that exactly 3 years later we would be waiting for our baby to be born." Me either! I was on the 5 year plan for kids then. But life happens...
I feel really special to have such a great husband! He has taken such great care of me during this pregnancy and even before when I was struggling with all the digestive issues. I can't wait to raise our son together. And more than anything, I hope this little guy is a spitting image of his dad.

I cannot post today without also mentioning that Maya is 3 years-old today. We will be celebrating by opening a can of tuna.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Lets all take a deep breath....

I'm pretty sure i'm the only 37 weeker who is trying to prevent her baby from coming! I've put myself on my own relaxing version of bedrest. Kinda boring when i think about all the shopping i could be doing before this little guy comes. But it's a must since we do not officially move into our new place until this next weekend. Every time a storm comes and there is thunder, the baby starts rumbling and i get cramps. I'm thinking this is not a good sign seeing how the weather forecast is storms all week! Also this week is our anniversary (and seriously, who wants their son's birthday on their anniversary? NOT me!) My doctor also pointed out that this saturday is a full moon and they have extra staff on hand during full moons... But more than believing in storms and full moons, i believe in the power of prayer. So as long as you are praying along with me that this baby stays put through the weekend, I won't worry. And hopefully my next post will be full of pictures of a completely unpacked apartment with a ready-to-go nursery! Instead of the view i have right now....

Friday, June 11, 2010

Will JJ look like his daddy?

Jesse 8.0lbs

Or his mommy?
Jennifer 6 lbs 12oz

Monday, June 7, 2010

Morning Hiccups

I absolutely LOVE being at home!! It felt so weird not to go into school but it feels SO good to lay on the couch in the mornings. I knew JJ moved and had the hiccups a lot before but i never really noticed how much until I was able to relax during the day and focus on him. He usually has them 3 times a day. Every morning he has them between 7 and 8am. I assume that is his hungry time. I tried to capture some this morning. If you watch closely you can see little pops in my belly.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Almost There....

So i have almost offically made it through the school year. Almost. I still have one more day and i am just praying to make it through... This morning i made a comment to another teacher that if i was any closer to my due date i would think i was in labor. I was having what i thought were braxton hicks contractions all morning. Then around lunch time they were gettin pretty strong and i was doubling over. I was asking around to see if this was normal and no one really knew. I didnt want to seem like a wimp so i decided to wait to talk to my doctor about it at my previously scheduled 5pm apt. When i got there she told me they were REAL contractions and that i was far enough along they wouldnt do anything to stop them. AHHHHHHH! I was in shock! I am NOT ready to have this baby a whole month + early!!! Well thankfully God knows how unprepared i still am and decided to settle things down a bit. My contractions slowly started to subside once i was able to lay down for awhile. She said the weather and work had a lot to do with it probably. I am going to try to make it through the day tomorrow and then my mom is coming thursday to help us pack up since we are due to move on June 25th. Now i'm nervous the baby will be here before then! YIKES!