Tuesday, December 20, 2011

5 days til Christmas!!!

Wrapping presents this morning (for the 2nd time since J unwrapped them all the other day) finally makes it feel like Christmas! We've been so busy and sick around here lately that we're finally getting into the swing of the holidays.

J decorated his own tree this year. I found a bunch of toddler friendly ornaments for him to put on and take off. He loved it for a few days but the novelty wore off. He is more interested in the outlet where he can plug and unplug the light.

Soon we will be celebrating Christmas in all its Glory with some of our favorite people. Can't wait to see you all!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Meet My Daughter!

Daughter. She. Her. Girl. These words seem so unfamiliar for my vocabulary. I've always known I was going to have a daughter. Whether she was coming this time or 3 boys and an adoption later, I was going to get her! And here she is. I feel so lucky and SOOO blessed to have one of each. A boy and a girl. If there is one person in this world I love pretty much unconditionally its my brother. I am so excited for the relationship Jayden will get to have with his little sis. So so excited!
I'm also excited for Jesse. I cannot wait for him to meet her and be her prince charming. He has no idea what he's in for. He didn't grow up with sisters or around girly girls. Poor guy, he has so much to learn :) I have no doubt he will do great.
I'm excited for my parents. Everyone tells my dad he needs a granddaughter and he is so great with girls. And my mom, well need I mention all things girly and shopping?! Lucky. little. girl.
It will also be great for the Singer side of things. They are lacking in the female department. They need some sugar, spice, and all things nice in that house of boys.

One thing that surprised me with these ultrasounds is the difference between Jayden at 19 weeks and baby girl. Their faces are different and their hands and feet are different. Oh I just cant wait to see her face! Here is a sneak peek.... The ultrasound tech labeled this picture as a "Miracle Waiting to be Seen." This was literal as it was a 2 hour ultrasound because the little thing was sound asleep and not moving much. But she is a miracle.

Once again you can click on the photo to make it larger....

Ok here she is, and she is adorable right?? I am so amazed that something so small, so tiny, so young is so complex, so perfect.


I really do have so much to share but all this hustle and travel has left little J and I feeling pretty SICK and just plain wiped out! I think traveling every weekend for 2 months straight is too much to ask of a pregnant woman and her 1 year old. I'm done and I'm tired. Adding to all this has been my Pom business and craft show. I haven't gone to bed before 11:30 in 2 months. The night before the show, Jesse and I stayed up the whole night to finish inventory. And of course, now J and I are sick on the couch. Poor little man is ALSO teething in all 4 molars and is absolutely miserable. My nausea hasnt left entirely yet. I spent all day sunday in the bathroom. Oh and did I mention the pelvic displaysia that makes it hard to stand/walk?

Please say a prayer that J and I are better our next trip this weekend to Northern WI (aka. North Pole)
Also say a prayer that baby girl is looking perfect at our ultrasound this evening. I've been worried she isn't growing enough on my diet of cereal and yogurt. And lack of sleep, water, and prenatal vitamins that are nearly impossible to remember.

I feel the need to add that my husband has been AMAZING! He stays up at night with me to work on the biz and takes care of J when I need to run out for supplies. Also, thanks to my mom for being everything I haven't this past month (cleaning the house, making food, doing the laundry and treating J like the luckiest kid in the world) Also, thanks to my friends that have been offering to spend their free time with me to help out. It has been very sweet as I know you all have busy babes of your own!

Picking Grammy up at the train station. J loves the choo-choos... and spotting grammy from down the track.

PomPomDadda and little man supporting mommy! Aren't they adorable?