Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My poor babe

Today we met with the ENT to discuss ear tubes and came to the decision it is now time. I was hoping she would say his ears are all clear and things are looking up. But nope, he still has constant fluid in his ear. They did some more hearing tests on him and he has some hearing loss due to the fluid. We assume this has been impacting his speech. My sweet boy was so brave as they were poking and prodding his head. Our doctor was truly amazing and kept him smiling and laughing. He left with a handful of stickers and some prizes from the prize box. He left smiling. And that is a big deal seeing how he's been to the doctor every week this past month.

So please say a prayer for him. We are trying to schedule the surgery very soon.

Monday, January 16, 2012


I know I have yet to blog about Christmas but here is a quick video for my mom. She recently paid for Jayden to have gym class at Gymboree Play and Music center and we cannot thank her enough!!!
I was looking for a class that would allow Jayden to use his energy and do something special before baby sissy is here. There are a lot of options out there. (Unfortunately all extremely expensive.) We saw gymboree offers a free trial class and since one opened up 2 weeks ago literally 1 minute from our house, we decided to go. Jayden LOVED it. It was perfect for him and perfect for us. We decided to enroll him in the Saturday gym class so that both Jesse and I could take him there together. He is also enrolled in the art class and music class during the week. Another perk of gymboree is the free open gym times. Most places charge an extra fee for open gym. It has been so much fun watching the joy Jayden has at gymboree. He claps when we pull into the parking lot and isn't shy at all. Did I mention he LOVES it?! I personally like the structured "circle time" they offer but also the fact that he doesn't have to sit and participate in it. He is learning each time to sit a little longer though.

Anyways, Here is a video of Jayden on the go at one of the climbing structures. The kid doesn't stop moving the whole hour we are there. Thanks Grammy! You're the best!