Tuesday, February 7, 2012

28 Weeks

Since day 1 this pregnancy has been different from the first. They say every pregnancy is different but I think they are boy/girl different. All of the old gender wives tales have been true so far for me.
1. Jayden: I was STARVING! I mean I couldn't even make it through the night without eating, not once, but TWICE! I would have graham crackers and nutri-grain bars on my night stand. I would wake up absolutely famished and have to eat right then. This lasted the whole entire pregnancy. And at the age of 1, he can out eat me! Baby Girl: I have very little appetite. Unless she is craving sweets.

2. Jayden: Cravings were Meat,Veggies, and Beer. And if you know me, none of these are food I would ever crave. And now that he is here, he loves meat. Steamed veggies are his favorite food. And well, he may or may not have found a beer bottle with one last sip in it and then asked for "mo" (more) My food aversions were anything sweet. Baby girl: Cravings were chocolate, sweethearts, and ICECREAM! Food aversions are veggies, veggies, and more veggies. YUCK! She is making it very hard to eat healthy. I literally choke on veggies sometimes. I just can't stomach them. Maybe a carrot, but thats about it.

3. Jayden: I didn't have any nausea. Baby girl: I had nausea well until 20 weeks.

4. Jayden: Belly was very low and wide. Baby girl: Belly is much higher and not as wide.

5. Jayden: so so so swollen! Baby girl: no swelling....so far

6. Jayden: sciatic pain Baby girl: Symphysis pubic dysfunction, SPD Both painful but right now SPD is more painful because it happens constantly when I move. Doc says you shouldn't work out with SPD and no joke! It would be too painful! :(

7. Jayden: Couldn't stay up past 6pm Baby girl: stay up till 12am working on poms nearly every night.

8. Jayden: moved all the time. I mean constantly. I noticed when he wasn't moving. His movements were hard and all over the place. Baby girl: sometimes I worry I haven't felt her all day. Then the next day she is flipping and flopping. So moody already:) Her movements are like little flutters. I rarely feel a hard kick and they are always in the same spot.

Well that is all that is coming to mind right now. The only thing that is the same about both pregnancies is the amount of stress we are under. When we were 8 months pregnant with Jayden, Jesse was unemployed, we were looking to move, and I broke my foot. This time we have serious health issues in the family, we are looking to move, we have no free time with J running around, and I am swamped with the new biz.

We really COVET your prayers right now. Lots. Going. On.

"When my spirit grows faint within me, it is you who know my way." Psalm 142:3

Friday, February 3, 2012