Friday, July 31, 2009

Let me show you what I deal with....

No, I am not announcing pregnancy.  This is a belly shot of my stomach after breakfast.  I ate a black raspberry yogurt.  That is all I ate.   I didn't want to show a fully disgusting photo of me at the end of the day when my belly looks as though it will explode at any minute.

As you can see, not a day goes by where someone doesn't ask me about pregnancy.  Which, let me assure you, is not fun when you are in fact NOT pregnant.  The conversation goes one of two ways.
Person I know: Oh Mrs. Singer I didn't know you were pregnant! 
Me:  I'm not
awkward silence in which we are both so embarrassed we could cry.


Person I don't know:  Aw, when are you due?  
Me:  In January.
Turn and run away. 

Looking as though I'm 6 months pregnant is really the least of my troubles.  I spend every stinking evening sick on the couch with a trash can next to me.  It is painful.  

Yesterday I had a gastric emptying scan and a CT scan.  It was such a fun day that I have decided to spend today at home on the couch or hanging over the toilet instead of going to a wedding rehearsal dinner.  Lucky me.

My savior of a doctor at the university of chicago has become a very expensive savior.  We received at $2,500 doctor's bill for a less than 10 minute consultation with her.  If I would've known I could make that much money for working less than 10 minutes then maybe I would have become a GI doctor too.