Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Grammy!

Grammy was able to visit for a long weekend Birthday Celebration! We LOVED having her here and can't wait to share some pictures with you all!

TODAY is her birthday! She's still really young! Just so you know...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Three Months Jayden!

Dear Jayden,

Today is October 8, 2010 and you are Three Months Old! I love staying home with you and making faces at you all day long. We are having so much fun together. You smile and laugh when I sing songs to you. You love moving to “Lord’s Army,” “If you’re happy and you know it,” and “The Itsy Bitsy Spider.” You like me to help you “kick those kickers.” When I tickle you, I can even get a little belly laugh. The other day, you were imitating Daddy’s laugh and it was soooo cute. He would laugh, then you would. Of course when I ran to get the video camera you stopped.

It has been a gorgeous fall (in the 80’s!) You’re favorite thing to do is go for walks outside. You are definitely an outdoorsman. And that makes Daddy proud! We really enjoy walking with you in downtown Naperville. Last weekend, you made the long trip to visit Uncle Jon and Aunt Karly in Virginia! You’ve always done a great job traveling to Grammy’s but I was still a little worried. You amazed us! You didn’t even cry the whole way! We only stopped twice and you slept the whole way. We had lots of fun visiting in Virginia and taking a hike in the beautiful park.

You are a talkative little guy. I guess you get that from Mommy. You smile and talk, talk, talk. You are also reaching for your toys and bringing them to your mouth. When you wear a bib, it goes in your mouth. Your favorite toy is a soft Winnie-the-Pooh book that crinkles. It also goes in your mouth. You like to suck on your fists too.

My favorite moment of the whole day is in the morning when I hear you talking in the baby monitor. I can’t wait to get up and run into your room because I know the second you see me, you will break into the happiest smile. Oh it just melts my heart! I love you so much.

You are turning into a good little sleeper. You go to bed at 8pm. I dream feed you at 10 and you sleep until 4am. Then you wake up at 7:30/8am. I love having only one night feeding! You are starting to put yourself to sleep now too. We just lay you down and you go to sleep. During the day you still eat every 2.5 to 3 hours. You just switched to size 2 diapers and moved up to 3-6 month clothing. One of my favorite things is dressing you up every day. You’re one styling little guy! You can thank me later of course.

You are such a sweet boy. Sometimes I get teary when you do something so cute. In those moments I’m filled with so much thankfulness and love for you! Last night Daddy was watching you when I was with my bible study. He called me and said, “Jen, I love him so much!” We do Jayden, we love you soooo much!



Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Monday, October 4, 2010

A Weekend In Virginia!

Posted by Jayden Singer:

Here is a weekend in pictures from my first 11 hour drive to Virginia! I did such a great job - I slept almost the WHOLE way! YAY for mom and dad!

Quality laughing time with Uncle Jon. He is one handsome dude!

Wearing my Hokie shirt and cheering on VT with Uncle Jon!
"Hokie, Hokie, Hokie, Hi Tech, Tech, V-P-I Sol-A-Rex, Sol-A-Rah Poly-tech Virgin-i-a!"

I wish we lived closer so I could be with my Uncle and Aunt every day!

Check out the adorable pumpkin hat my Auntie made me! She just whipped it up while I was sleeping. Amazing!

Bitsy is my new friend. She may have acted a bit jealous of the constant attention I received but even she couldn't resist kissing my lil face!

Aunt Karly showed my mommy how to get crafty! Check out this hair band she made.

When Uncle Jon and Aunt Karly were in Europe, they brought me back some souvenirs. I really liked one of the books titled "Gruffalo."

My Great Aunt & Uncle (Kris & Doug) drove 2 hours to visit me! It made me feel so special! They are too much fun!

My cousins Kayla and Andrew also came to visit. Everyone in this family is so great with babies! I just loved them!

What a wonderful weekend! I'm back home and tuckered out!
(sock monkey courtesy of the Christophels)

Bonus Clip from this weekend....

Stay tuned tomorrow for some fabulous family photos...