Monday, December 13, 2010

Prancing Reindeer

Happy Five Months Jayden!

Dear Jayden,

Today is December 8th, 2010 and you are 5 Months Old! You are getting so big day by day. Time is starting to move fast! I was looking around the room this morning and there are a lot of newborn things you don’t use anymore. You weigh about 15.8 lbs and wear size 2 diapers. It makes me a little sad to know you are going to keep getting bigger and bigger and will never use those things again. You’ve been getting so big this past month; you’ve been experiencing so many things for the first time.

On November 11th, you took your first flight to Baltimore, MD with Mommy, Grandpa and Grammy! You were perfect and didn’t even make a peep! You loved boarding the plane and having everyone look at you as we walked down the isle. You even found a little girlfriend on the flight home. You couldn’t take your eyes off her. You really love little girls!

While in Baltimore, we took walks around inner Harbor. It was gorgeous weather and you did so well being out and about during the day. Grammy bought you a little red crab you had your eye on. You played with it the whole time. Grandpa had lots of fun tickling you and making you laugh. One day you found your feet for the first time! Now you pull your socks off about a 1.2 million times a day! Also on this trip we drove to Great-GranPappy’s house. We surprised him and he was so happy to see you. We had a pre-thanksgiving dinner at Gibbles. Uncle Jon and Aunt Karly came to visit too. You love being around lots of family. I sure wish we lived closer to all of them!

It is so exciting to watch you experience so many firsts! Thanksgiving was fun for you. We went to Grandpa and Grandma Singer’s house. Great-Grandpa and Grandma Singer were there too. You were the center of attention the whole weekend and you loved it. In fact, the only time you weren’t being held was when we were changing you. Daddy was so excited to take you out to the land he hunts on and pick out a Christmas tree. When we got the tree home, you had so much fun helping us decorate! You loved the tree lights surrounding you on the ground and couldn’t help but grab the prickly pine needles yourself.

You also experienced your fist snow. I set you down at the window next to Maya to watch it falling outside. This was also the first time you sat up all by yourself. I expected you to be wobbly and eventually fall over. But no! You sat there for 20 minutes watching snow until you cried for me to come get you. In fact, your favorite thing to do right now is Sit Up! It’s all you want to do. Sit on the floor, sit in my lap, sit on Daddy’s shoulders. You can sit for a long time too. You rarely fall over. You just sit and reach for everything around you. And when you’re not sitting, you’re standing. You still have to hold on to our hands or sometimes the ottoman. I’m getting the feeling you are going to skip crawling and just go to walking.

Another big first for you was eating solid food! You have been so interested in watching us eat that we didn’t think it was fair to make you wait to eat too. So I mixed up a yummy breastmilk and rice cereal combo and we fed you. WOW were you ready to eat! With the first bite you opened your mouth and swallowed it right down. In fact, you grabbed the spoon and tried to shove it in if I wasn’t coming fast enough. Since then, you have eaten oatmeal and bananas. I think eating might just be your favorite time of the day. You get so excited when we put you in the high chair and place a bib on you. I’ve been making some homemade baby food to freeze for later and I can’t wait to share it with you. You are so much fun!

I am so excited to celebrate your first Christmas! It’s extra special to me this year as I think about Mary giving birth to her baby boy Jesus… as I think about God sending his only son down to earth as a savior for me and for you. I pray you will always remember and recognize the meaning of this very special holiday.

This past month has been full of adventure for you Jayden. I pray that this next month you continue to grow and discover. To love and to learn. To giggle and squeal. You bring so much joy to us. We love you so much.

I love you so much.



Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Copy Cat

Jesse started blowing raspberries at jayden and he thought it was so funny. Yesterday morning when Jayden was laying in bed with me, he looked right over at me and blew one right in my face. I had never seen him do that before! And since then, he has been doing them A LOT!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Attention Hog

This picture pretty much sums up Jayden's first Thanksgiving...